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How Covid Reset the Delivery Economy | Thingee’s Tech Talk

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
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The Covid-19 pandemic has driven companies and organizations to adopt contactless and remote communication technologies at a faster rate than they might have otherwise done in order to stay competitive and provide necessary services. In this Tech Talk we take a look at how businesses and organizations have used technology to respond to the challenges of the past year.

Participants in the current delivery economy, forced to adapt to unprecedented changes, have been able to use digital technologies to keep pace. Online ordering and shopping have grown and evolved to be faster and more streamlined. Even brick-and-mortar businesses have incorporated services like digital scheduling for contactless pickups to improve the shopping experience and ensure a greater degree of safety for customers. 

Business meetings, to a large extent, are now occurring online. School closings have likewise made remote teaching and learning part of the new reality. And telemedicine has become a more accepted way of providing some limited health care services.

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