Moving From Paper to Digital Detailing
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Moving From Paper to Digital Detailing

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
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In this week’s TechTalk, Rob & Jeff discuss how remote detailing has become even more important in this longer Covid-19 period. 

As the coronavirus pandemic becomes even more protracted in the U.S., pharmaceutical companies that rely on paper detailing aids find themselves in a difficult position: adapt or be sidelined by competitors already using technology to educate healthcare providers (HCPs). 

Digital detailing isn’t new but it’s become even more critical in this “new normal” in which some doctors may now see patients in their office but the office is still closed to sales reps. Companies need to pivot to meet healthcare providers where they are and that means adopting digital detailing technologies. 

iDetail, from Thingee Corporation, was developed to streamline the process of moving from paper to a digital, iPad-based solution. iDetail optimizes the remote detail experience for your reps and provides a seamless, ubiquitous platform for HCPs.

Stress-free benefits include: 

  • Code-free content creation, management and distribution
  • Drag and drop, automatic conversion of graphic slides into iDetail’s format
  • Adding interactivity to your slides in a matter of  seconds
  • Deployment in hours, not days
  • A platform that grows with you and your team

Thingee has been helping pharmaceutical companies make the most of their HCP experiences for over 21 years. Give us a call to find out how you can deliver a higher level of service.

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