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Thingee Has Been Uploaded to the Cloud

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
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Rob & Jeff are back with a TechTalk message about Thingee’s move out of our office space and up to the Cloud. Satisfying the needs of an all-remote workforce can be challenging, but Rob & Jeff share details on the tools we’re using to collaborate and connect. 

Times are changing and Thingee is responding positively to the shift that is currently happening. With a second wave of Coronavirus cases predicted, and not knowing when life will return to “normal”, Thingee has, essentially “uploaded itself to the cloud” and moved to a fully-remote operation for the immediate future.

The good news is that, with an all remote staff, everyone is on a level playing field and there are an endless amount of web-based collaboration and communication tools.

The better news is that we are sharing with you the four main tools that are helping us stay connected and productive:

4 Tools That Have Helped Thingee Stay Close and Connected:

  1. Slack — Thingee has built a cadre of channels to help manage projects, teams, and everything else imaginable. Slack reduces the amount of internal email, eliminates the need for an additional messaging app, and enables everyone to know each other’s status and focus areas for the day. 
  2. Zoom — We’re using it as a meeting tool. We all get on camera to help stay in touch with each other and to understand how everyone is doing.
  3. Box.com — Box has allowed us to expedite the distribution of files with team  members. It also integrates nicely with Slack and our other workflows. 
  4. Ring Central — In switching to Ring Central, we were able to break free from our fixed landlines and be more agile and available. Our clients can reach us anywhere by dialing the same number we’ve had since 2001.

These tools are playing an important role in keeping our company connected, figuratively and literally, and allow us to continue to maintain a high level of service for our clients.

Give us a call and we can share our tips for moving your business to the cloud. Or, we can talk about other technology solutions.  

Jeff Bromley
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