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Don’t Get Caught in the Bigger Phishing Net! | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

  • Posted by: Jeff Bromley
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Rob & Jeff are rewinding back to this Tech-Talk message since it’s even more important now. With trillions of stimulus dollars being given out, the dangerous phishing net is even bigger and more sophisticated. We’re sharing 4 Key Tips to protect you, your information and your contacts from being ensnared. 

Video Caption: Don’t Get Caught in the Bigger Phishing Net!

As Rob and Jeff show, it’s very hard sometimes to discern between a real email and a phishing email. It’s even more important now with stimulus-hungry scammers creating an even bigger phishing net!  Here are some tools to help.

4 Key Tips for Safe Email and Browsing Habits:

  1. Save Your Passwords – Use a different password for every site. Save them using a password manager… We like 1Password, iCloud Keychain, Chrome, but choose the one that works for you. 

When you receive an email:

  1. Look at the “To” field – if it’s blank, it’s not really meant for you.
  2. Check the “From” field – is it a recognizable email?
  3. Don’t Click! Hover over the URL… do you recognize it? If not, delete.

Remember you can always proactively reach out (call, text, new email) to the sender to confirm an email’s authenticity… it’s so much better for all involved (esp. if they’re in your contacts list) to be safe rather than sorry. However, don’t forward or reply to a suspicious email to try and confirm it.

Thankfully there are way more good folks in the tech industry than those that want to cause trouble. And since we’re definitely the Good Guys (and Gals), the Thingee team is ready to jump in and help you safely take advantage of tech tools and resources to make your business more competitive.

Give us a call today and let’s get started developing the ideal tech solution to meet your business goals. 

Jeff Bromley


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