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The Apple Watch Series 4 has been out for a few days now so it’s high time we get to talking about it. Tune in to Tech-Talk as we summarize the new features and capabilities… bigger screen, improved speaker, walkie talkie feature, faster processing, ECG sensor and more, plus new skills still to come later this year. Here’s Rob…

There’s a lot packed into roughly 40 mm. Let’s break it down:

  • Bigger edge to edge screen with additional watch face features
  • Better positioned and louder speaker
  • Walkie talkie feature
  • ECG sensor, approved FDA medical device… coming later this year
  • Sapphire crystal screen available in several models- more durable, scratch resistant & aesthetically pleasing
  • Fall detection feature – detects if the user has a fall and triggers emergency services if necessary

It’s hard to pick a favorite there’s so much to choose from but we see a lot promise in the newly redesigned heart rate sensor. This feature will be added from a software update later this year and it will:

  • Use the heartbeat rhythm of the user to detect patterns comparable with atrial fibrillation or other arrhythmia and
  • Create an electrocardiograph and provide analysis identifying signs of cardiac arrhythmias.

The potential for healthcare companies to tap into this technology to benefit patients and HCP/patient communication is something we will be exploring in the coming weeks. If you are interested in brainstorming ideas to utilize this new feature or other OS 5 or iOS 12 functionality, give us a call! We’re looking forward to developing tech solutions to address your business needs.

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0:00 Hey everybody, Rob Barra here with Thingee
0:02 Tech-Talk where today I’m going to be
0:04 talking about the brand new Apple Watch
0:05 Series 4. The new Apple Watch just came
0:09 out recently and I had to jump right on
0:11 it so I ran down to the Apple Store, and
0:13 thank you very much to the folks in
0:14 Willowbrook for helping me out and
0:16 getting one I love it I got it I’ve been
0:19 playing with it for the last weekend and
0:21 it’s great I mean I bought the Series
0:23 4… 44 millimeters stainless steel and
0:27 it’s a little bit bigger than previous
0:29 iterations but it really takes advantage
0:32 of all the new display technology that
0:34 you’ve been seeing in the new iPhones
0:35 it’s much brighter it’s a larger edge to
0:38 edge screen now which you can fit a lot
0:41 more complications on the other great
0:44 thing about it is that all of your old
0:46 watch bands from your old 42 millimeter
0:49 or 38 millimeter will still fit the
0:52 newer sizes the 38s fitting the 40s and
0:54 the 42s fitting the 44s some
0:57 third-party bands have been having some
0:59 problems so check with your manufacturer
1:00 if you weren’t buying Apple OAM product
1:03 but my series 1 stainless steel band
1:07 fits perfectly one of the other things I
1:10 wanted to talk about along with the new
1:12 design is usability of the speakers now
1:15 one of the things that I was always very
1:16 excited about what the Apple Watch was
1:18 being able to take a phone call
1:19 now with the new watch they’ve
1:21 reoriented where the microphones are
1:23 they’ve moved it to the other side and
1:25 they’ve made the two speakers on the
1:26 watch itself larger so that you can
1:28 actually hear better and the people that
1:30 you’re talking to can hear you better as
1:32 well there are also some new features
1:34 around raising your wrist and using Siri
1:37 and you can also use a new walkie talkie
1:41 feature with anyone that has a series
1:43 one or above you can do point-to-point
1:45 communications it’s really cool one
1:48 other item that I want to talk about
1:49 today that’s coming are really just all
1:52 of the different health items now in
1:54 their keynote when they were speaking
1:56 about the Apple Watch they were talking
1:58 about a new cardiogram feature that’s
2:00 coming out later this year I can’t show
2:02 it to you today because it’s not active
2:03 but I can say the new redesigned heart
2:06 rate sensor is a revolution it is the
2:09 first of its kind in terms of being an
2:11 FDA approved medical device
2:13 which as you know requires a huge amount
2:17 of research and testing and validation
2:20 this will allow enormous new
2:23 capabilities in terms of features for
2:25 healthcare companies that a few years
2:27 ago you couldn’t even imagine let alone
2:30 have on your wrist another improvement
2:32 that was made with the series for
2:34 watches albeit at a small price increase
2:37 for the lower-end models is that now the
2:39 sapphire crystal that previously was
2:41 only available on the stainless steel
2:43 models is now available on all of the
2:46 aluminum models and on the sport the
2:48 Nike Sport models as well thanks for
2:50 watching this episode of Tech-Talk I’m
2:52 Rob Barra
2:52 let us know if you have anything like
2:54 subscribe etc. and feel free to ask any
2:57 questions that you may have in the
2:59 comments thanks again.