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“iOS 12 is designed to make your iPhone and iPad experience even faster, more responsive, and more delightful.” Source: Apple Inc.

So… delightful? That word jumped out at us here at Thingee, but now that we’ve gotten a chance to review the new benefits and features of iOS 12, we get it. This release does indeed look like it’s going to the delight casual user and app developer (like Thingee) alike. Here’s Tech-Talk to explain.

Here are just some of the new features expected in iOS 12:

  • Screen Time – Activity reports, app limits, downtime settings.
  • Augmented Reality AR Kit – Multi-user experiences, 3D object recognition, face tracking and a measure tool are just some of the exciting new AR features we will dig into once iOS 12 is launched.
  • Siri & SiriKit API – Siri shortcuts to allow developers (like Thingee) to put Siri capabilities inside of apps for an easier, more personalized user experience.
  • Privacy & Security – Big boost in preventing tracking without your permission, plus some much needed help for securing, accessing and remembering all those passwords we have to use.
  • Speed – faster and more responsive for iPhones 5s and up, iPads and other devices.
  • Facetime Filters & Messaging Effects – A lot of new animoji and text effects that may make communication more effective.

We’ll begin incorporating the new developer features into our existing products as soon as Apple releases iOS 12. In addition, we’re always busy thinking up fresh, new ways to enhance communication and relationship building with customers and HCPs, and between doctors and patients. You can help! Bring us your ideas. What would you like to do or see in your field specialty and let’s work together to make it a reality.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and
0:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk
0:03 about all things digital. Today we’re
0:04 gonna talk about iOS 12. iOS 12 is about
0:07 to be released and it’s right around the
0:09 corner we got a couple weeks away before
0:11 we’re gonna see this come mainstream and
0:12 hop on to all of our new iOS devices
0:15 we’ve got a quick list of iOS 12
0:18 features that we want to share about
0:20 things that we’re super excited about
0:22 so first up screen time now I know this
0:25 doesn’t make much sense for the
0:26 enterprise however it might be the nice
0:28 part about it is I will be able to see
0:30 what applications my son and my daughter
0:33 who are both younger are actually using
0:35 see what their screen uses are be able
0:37 to limit usage it’s really a nice
0:39 feature that Apple has started to put
0:41 into their into their platform that
0:44 allow us to monitor it allow us to
0:46 monitor and manage how our young ones
0:49 are actually using these devices so
0:51 super huge kudos to them for bringing
0:53 that out augmented reality and AR kit
0:55 two
0:56 Thingee has been super excited about
0:57 augmented reality for many many years
0:59 actually since 2011
1:02 We actually did a holiday promotion
1:04 where we actually used augmented reality
1:07 and we sent out chocolates and paired
1:08 the two of them together and it was it
1:10 was really a quite a nice piece however
1:12 people back then were still
1:14 trying to figure out how augmented
1:15 reality was going to work and play in
1:17 the healthcare community and it really
1:19 didn’t have the market penetration so
1:21 we’re hoping that with AR kit and the
1:23 technology that Apple is putting into
1:25 this plus the fact that Apple is going
1:28 to really be putting a big push behind
1:30 augmented reality this is going to
1:32 really bring augmented reality and AR to
1:35 the forefront so we are super excited
1:37 about this and last but not least is
1:40 Siri Siri shortcuts and SiriKit API this
1:44 has huge implications for creating
1:46 extensibility with Siri outside of
1:48 making calls sending messages or setting
1:51 timers because that’s really what we’ve
1:53 been using Siri for right now we’re
1:56 really excited to see what we’ll be able
1:58 to do that with this from a development
2:00 perspective because it could change how
2:01 we can start to use these devices how
2:04 they can now be extensible and
2:05 developers can actually develop and put
2:07 Siri inside of their apps and create
2:10 shortcuts for their field force for
2:13 their reps
2:13 for their patience for whomever is going
2:16 to be using that app inside their
2:19 applications so we are super excited to
2:21 see what this will be able to do for the
2:24 enterprise and that’s all I have for
2:27 this week’s Tech-Talk I’m Jeff Bromley
2:29 thanks for watching.