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We use technology in the workplace to make us more efficient, but with desktops, tablets, smartphones and even smart watches, how do we harness the messaging power of all of those devices without losing control of content and flow? An easy answer is the Slack app. Here’s Tech-Talk to give you a quick overview of this tech-messaging wrangler.

What the Slack app offers is a single location for files, conversations, and links… but added to that is real-time meeting capability and screen sharing. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for team communication.

Simply start collaborating by creating a “Channel” and send invites for the team members to join. That channel will now contain everything from simple messages, to video uploads, documents, presentations, etc. No more searching through email, online docs, YouTube accounts, and everywhere else to find that certain link, approval or important change that you know you saw… somewhere. Just check the Slack Channel.

Here are just some of the benefits of Slack app:

  • Message Threads
  • Voice & Video Calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • Links
  • Announcements
  • Manage Team Invites per Topic
  • Personal Messaging

The Thingee team has been using Slack for a few years now, so if you are wondering whether it can help your team get organized, give us a call… we’d be happy to share our experience with Slack app. Also, we’ll be sharing more productivity apps and even some hacks that we find very useful in upcoming Tech-Talks, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future broadcasts. Thanks for joining Tech-Talk!

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Video Transcript

0:00  hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and

00:01 welcome back to Tech Talk where we talk

00:03 about all things digital today in Tech

00:05 Talk we’re going be talking about one of

00:07 the tools that thingy uses to help with

00:09 our productivity and that tool is called

00:12 slack but before we get into that if you

00:14 could do me one favor and like and share

00:16 these videos and share them with all

00:19 your friends I greatly appreciate it

00:21 so let’s talk about slack so slack is a

00:24 team messaging application that works on

00:28 all devices and it does a heck of a lot

00:29 more than just messaging but we use it a

00:33 lot for that we use it for messaging we

00:35 use it for sharing files we use it for

00:37 sharing videos or Google documents as

00:40 well as we use it to run meetings so

00:42 similar to like a GoToMeeting or WebEx

00:44 we’re actually using GoToMeeting we’re

00:47 actually using slack to collaborate and

00:50 have meetings so it provides voice

00:52 calling you provide screen sharing so

00:54 all this is available inside of this one

00:57 wonderful app that’s working on all of

00:58 our devices whether it be our desktops

01:00 whether it be our iPads or our tablets

01:03 or whether it be our phone so it’s

01:05 working across all of those devices and

01:09 it even works with my Apple watch I’m

01:11getting my slack messages here which is

01:12  cool by me so one of the things that it

01:15 allows us to do is provide both real

01:18 time communications as well as

01:21 asynchronous communications similar to

01:23 the way that email works except it uses

01:25 a different interface it’s using a

01:26 messaging interface which you can

01:27 actually see behind me here and this is

01:30 the way the thing he communicates

01:32 throughout the day so we’re sharing

01:33 stuff we’re sending documents we’re

01:35 sending files we’re communicating having

01:36 meetings it’s a great tool and one of

01:40 the neat parts about it is since we can

01:42 either use real-time or be asynchronous

01:44 the platform just works for us and

01:48  one of the things that has happened over

01:50 the past three or four years that we’ve

01:52 used the tool is we’ve noticed that

01:54 internal communications which was

01:56 typically email based have now gone to

01:59 maybe 10 or 15% for our internal

02:02 communications we’re typically only

02:03 using email to communicate with our

02:07 clients hopefully one day we’ll end up

02:09 changing that for a lot of our clients

02:10 and it’ll become very slack based so

02:13 just wanted to get you guys aware of a

02:15 tool that we’re using that we’re using

02:17 that that makes us super happy this tool

02:20 is called slack we use it for everything

02:22 to communicate between all of our team

02:24 members as well as share news and

02:26 information so if you haven’t tried it

02:28 out I highly suggested it’s really

02:29 helped our organization to become more

02:31 streamlined and help us communicate on a

02:33 day to day basis

02:42 you