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The Thingee team is challenging you to take the iDetail Fastest Slide Deck Challenge. After a few weeks of witnessing amazing Olympic challenges, here’s one just for you. BUT, you don’t have to train for this, nor will you endanger yourself, and at the end of it… you’ll be more efficient and more productive! Here’s Tech-Talk with the details:

So, what do you win? A lightning fast, easy to use, interactive presentation. iDetail App is an amazing cloud-based, sales detailing software package designed exclusively for the iPad for sharing and presenting your digital content. As you just saw, it only takes seconds to upload your presentation materials onto your iPad to have them ready to go.

Follow these Steps to Victory!

  • Download the app from the App Store on your iPad
  • Login idetailapp.com on your laptop – make sure to refer to the iDetail email for your URL & login
  • Click on Build, then Decks, then Create a new slide deck
  • Upload your presentation (in jpeg or png format)
  • Next, permission the presentation to yourself – under the Team tab, select yourself
  • Now to your iPad – just click Manage Details & refresh content

Cross the finish line in just a few easy steps! With your presentation uploaded you have all the tools you need to easily share your content with your target audience. Win-Win. iDetail gives you so much more than just fast access to your content, however. Here, check out just a few of iDetail’s content managing benefits.

More iDetail Benefits:

  • Fast, easy access to all sales materials in one app
  • Always up to date
  • Simple content distribution to field forces
  • Manage compliance & effectiveness
  • Eliminate costly HTML
  • Optimized for the iPad

If you haven’t already installed the iDetail app, download it right here on your iPad: iDetail app.  And… as if we even have to say it… it only takes seconds to download!

Thanks for tuning in to Tech-Talk and be sure to share our message with members of your team. Rest assured that the Thingee team is here to support your efforts. Contact us and let us know what you love about iDetail and what you’d like to see in future versions.

Jeff Bromley
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Video Transcript

00:00 Hey guys Jeff Bromley here from Thingee

00:02 and welcome back to Tech-Talk where we

00:03 talk about all things digital before we

00:05 get started today I want you guys to do

00:07 one thing for me I’ve got a favor to ask

00:09 if you guys can do me a favor and like

00:11 and share on Facebook LinkedIn and

00:13 Twitter I greatly appreciate it now that

00:16 we’ve done that let’s hop into today’s

00:18 topic and that is the iDetail challenge

00:20  so we’re going to show you guys how fast

00:22 and how easy it is to create an

00:24 interactive slide deck with iDetail so

00:27 I’ve got my Mac setup here and I’ve got

00:29 my iPad Pro setup here and I’m gonna

00:31 show you guys how fast and easy this is

00:32 so I’ve logged into iDetail on the web

00:36  side and I’m going to click on my decks

00:37 and I’m gonna create a new slide deck

00:39 very simply by creating a new slide deck

00:41 here and I’m gonna say this call this

00:43 demo and I’ve got a new slide deck and

00:45 what I’m gonna do is inside of here I’m

00:47 gonna upload some slides I’m going to

00:49 upload either some JPEGs or PNG s and

00:51 upload them so that way they’re

00:53 interactive so before we started today I

00:56 went and created a number of

00:58 JPEGs from PowerPoint and what I’m gonna

01:01 do is I’m gonna drag and drop them into

01:02 here now you can watch and see how fast

01:04 and easy iDetail goes and converts all

01:06 of these files and places them in there

01:09 and places them in there and they’re

01:10 automatically going to be interactive so

01:12 I’ve got all my slides in there all done

01:15 now I need to permission it to myself so

01:17 I hop over on my team tab I click on

01:21 edit and then click Add users and I add

01:23 myself and that’s it I’m done on the web

01:29 side of things so let’s hop over to the

01:30 iPad and I’ll show you how to download

01:33 this really quickly so I hop over I’m on

01:36 my iPad here now what I’m gonna do is

01:39 I’m going to refresh this I’m gonna

01:40 click manage details I’m gonna refresh

01:42 it so that way I can get all of my

01:44 content and you can see that my demo is

01:48 now available I click download and my

01:53 demo is now on my desktop you could see

01:54 how fast that was I mean that was super

01:56 simple super easy and I’ve if I tap on

01:59 demo you could see it’s right there

02:01 fastest slide deck challenge and I could

02:03 swipe through this now I’ve got all my

02:04 swiping and interactivity if I swipe up

02:06 from the bottom I get my ribbon across

02:08 the bottom and that’s it was that

02:11 fast and that easy so

02:13 now what I want you to do is I want to

02:14 challenge you to create an interactive

02:17 slide deck I want to see how fast you

02:18 can create it so go ahead download iDetail

02:21 go to the App Store download it

02:23 and see how fast that you can create an

02:25 interactive slide deck with iDetail.