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For centuries, fortune tellers have gazed into empty glass spheres in an attempt to predict the future. It’s a novelty to most, but with some real data and a lot of know-how, well who knows what we could see? We’d like to give it a try and predict the tech advances we expect to see 2018. So, join us for a Tech-Talk.

As Google and Amazon mount their respective offenses to Digital Personal Assistant domination, we all benefit. Better innovation, better products and better service for consumers like you. The fierce competition between these two tech giants should give developers, like Thingee, much to work with and we look forward to that challenge.

Meanwhile Microsoft is sneaking in the open gate… the one between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Microsoft terms their new HoloLens as a “mixed reality” experience. Their intent is to change the way we engage with digital information in both the way we see, and the way we hear digital concepts alongside the world around us. Watch for powerful new apps that will change the way we engage with digital content using HoloLens.

As we begin to put all the tech development of the last decade into perspective, we can pretty much guarantee that while we’ve seen a lot, we’ve only scratched the surface of wearable tech and its adaptability to our lives. As developers and technology designers refine and merge their respective specialties, industries such as healthcare, patient care and life sciences will benefit greatly.

It was Pablo Picasso that said, “Everything you can imagine is real,” so let’s get together and turn our ideas into reality, just give us a call.

Jeff Bromley

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Video Transcript

00:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here and

00:01 welcome back to Tech-Talk where we talk

00:03 about all things digital it’s 2018 and

00:06 there’s going to be a lot of new neat

00:08 things coming up and we’re super excited

00:10 about it so we’re going to talk about a few

00:12 predictions that we have here at Thingee

00:14 and wanted to share those with you so

00:16 first off – tech giants are going to

00:20 square it off this year Google and

00:22 Amazon both of them are fighting and

00:24 vying for your attention and your

00:26 usership between the Google home

00:28 platform and the Amazon Alexa platform

00:31 so these two tech giants are going to

00:33 beat each other up and give each other a

00:35 lot of black eyes over the next 12

00:37 months so what does this mean for us

00:40 this is actually for end-users this is

00:42 great

00:43 these two companies are going to

00:44 innovate at a much faster pace than if

00:47 they were left to innovate on their own

00:50 so you’re going to see some great things

00:52 come out you’re going to see some great

00:54 things that are going to be that are

00:56 going to affect you personally and I’m

00:58  super excited to see exactly what’s

01:00 going to what’s going to go on between

01:02 these two check tech giants so stay

01:04 tuned next up Microsoft Hololens

01:06 Hololens s a differentiator currently we have

01:12 Samsung and Apple and these two tech

01:16 giants are you know they’re talking

01:18 about virtual reality and augmented

01:22 reality where Microsoft is looking to

01:26 bring the two of these together with a

01:28 mixed reality so I think mixed reality

01:30 with the Hololens is going to change the

01:34 way that we’re perceiving digital

01:37 information with wearable headsets and

01:38 being able to see the world around us so

01:41 this is going to be great for us great

01:43 to be able to educate patients great to

01:44 be able to play new video games which

01:47 I’m excited about so a lot of cool

01:49 things going on with that and then the

01:50 third thing is patience and wearables

01:54 and personal tech I think that this is

01:56 going to be a huge expansion and growth

01:58 you know we’ve had the Apple watch we

02:01 have our Fitbit’s we have all these

02:02 other devices and trackers I think this

02:04 is the year where these are going to

02:06 really be brought together the apps that

02:08 we use on our phones and with the

02:10 cloud-based applications it’s really

02:12 going to be brought together

02:13 in a different way than we’ve been

02:15 looking at it in years past so I’m super

02:17 excited about this and super excited

02:21 about how all this information is going

02:23 to be shared there’s going to be some

02:25 government regulation that’s going to be

02:26 put into that but that’s going to be all

02:27 a good thing to make sure that patients

02:29 are protected as well as covered

02:33 entities are going to be protected so

02:34 it’s going to be it’s going to be huge

02:36 for all of us so with that being said a

02:39 20-18 is going to be a great year I’m

02:41 looking forward to it and stay tuned for

02:43 more information about it coming in 2018.