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If you heard any news from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week it was likely focused on the big and splashy… new cars, TVs, phones and computer tech unveiling. For sure this is very cool stuff, but there were also several quieter product introductions with an underlying health theme that deserve some attention too. Here are a few of our favorites that have a cool use of technology, but can also really improve the way we live.


Product links:

  • My Special Aflac Duck – heartwarming robotic toy duck uses capacitive sensors to detect touch and respond with soothing sounds, plus a number of other compassionate features to help children diagnosed with cancer cope through their treatments. This product will not be available commercially, but instead will be donated by Aflac to treatment centers.  
  • L’ORÉAL UV Sense – a tiny, battery-free, sensor that offers a more connected approach to monitoring UV exposure. When the sensor is worn, the mobile app provides data about current exposure to UVA & UVB rays. In addition, that data is also stored for 3 months to provide a longer-term, overall exposure picture. The sensor is long-lasting and can be reapplied numerous times.
  • BoneTag – in vivo prosthesis tracking and evaluation tool provides feedback on bone adhesion and infections, and tracks implant evolution over several decades. Similar in size to a SIM card, BoneTag is battery free and inert when not being queried.
  • Magik Toothbrush – a little less life-altering but still a neat way to tackle a common challenge… getting your kids to want to brush their teeth and do a good job when they do. This AR equipped toothbrush puts the fun into brushing and the connected mobile app lets you know how the young ones are doing so you can help them most effectively.

If any of this new tech has piqued your interest in developing something to help your customers or patients, give us a call. Let’s start with what you’d like to see and try and work it backwards into something that is developable and deliverable. All these products were just an idea at one time too.

Thanks for joining us, we look forward to talking with you!

Jeff Bromley
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