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Apple’s big announcement last week changes thing. If you’re wondering how and, specifically, in what way it impacts you or your life sciences business, well, join us for a talk won’t you?  

As Apple enterprise developers the Thingee team is excited about what we see coming with these new changes from Apple. Everything from the IOS 11 advances, to the smart phone and computer product line choices and of course the facial recognition vision system has us wanting to get started working with these new technologies to bring our customers into the future.  

Taking advantage of this cutting-edge of technology isn’t difficult it just takes a vision and a plan to make it a reality. Call us, tell us your vision and the Thingee team will get you there.

Thanks as always for tuning in to Tech-Talk!

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Video Transcript

00:01 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here from

00:02 Thingee and welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:03 where we talk about all things digital

00:05 so did you guys watch did you watch the

00:07 Apple announcement were you happy were

00:09 you sad so I know people that are really

00:11 happy they’re excited about the

00:13 new stuff that came out and some people

00:15 that are not as happy so we’re gonna

00:17 talk about that and we have three main

00:19 takeaways number one control they came

00:24 out with a new version of iOS and and

00:26 Apple has done a great job with this so

00:28 the iOS 11 usability performance

00:32 enhancements they’re doing a great job

00:33 to really make this a much better device

00:37 to use they’ve changed things up they

00:39 make it made a much better control panel

00:41  and I’m really really happy about this

00:42 and we’re taking a look at this because

00:44 we need to you know add Thingee is an Apple

00:46 enterprise developer and we have a

00:47 bunch of things going on so we want to

00:50 make sure that our stuff is up to snuff

00:52 and we’re really liking what we see with

00:54 iOS 11 number two choice there’s new

00:58 iPhones there are new iPhones and they

01:00 announced multiple versions of it

01:03 previously they used to use announced

01:05 one but now they announced the iPhone 8

01:07 8 plus and the iPhone 10 or as some

01:11 other people like to call the iPhone X

01:12 it will go with the 10 for now as well

01:15 as you could still get an iPhone 7 so

01:17 they’re giving you a good amount of

01:19 choice which is great and then change

01:23 for some of you you think Apple has

01:26 moved your cheese with the new iPhone 10

01:28 this is a this is a much bigger thing

01:31 than just the iPhone 10 it’s it it’s

01:34 allowing us to to move into a new

01:36 direction and a new paradigm shift with

01:39 what we can do with technology some of

01:41 you are not happy I wasn’t happy

01:43 previously when Apple removed my

01:45 headphone jack but they’re thinking

01:48 there’s a better way to do things

01:49 they’re looking to move into a wireless

01:52 direction with between the Mac books and

01:55 the iPads and the iPhones they want to

02:00 remove as many wires as possible which i

02:02 think is a phenomenal thing to do I have

02:04 enough wires around my house and to

02:05 remove a few that would be great

02:07 so let’s security they’ve

02:10 created a way to use a a vision system

02:16 to be able to capture facial recognition

02:18 that’s huge that’s huge and  well

02:21 what does that mean to you the fact that

02:23 they can capture facial recognition well

02:24 when you think about it you can use this

02:26 technology for what’s known as augmented

02:28 reality some of you guys have seen it

02:30 some of you haven’t but it’s a totally

02:32 new interactive experience where we can

02:35 change the way that we’re going interact

02:38 with the real world around us with our

02:40 phones that’s huge

02:42 now one of the things we need to know is

02:44 that this is a steppingstone how we’re

02:47 going  this technology and create

02:49 this integrated experience this is a

02:50 steppingstone I’m not exactly sure

02:52 where this is going

02:53 all I know is that it’s going to change

02:54 things and it’s going to be different

02:56 some of you are going be unhappy about

02:57 it some of you will be happy but if you

03:00 want to get on the happy side you know

03:02 pick up the phone call me you know we

03:04 could I’m more than happy if you see

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