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If you’re going to do a great job, you need the right tools; it’s as simple as that.  Sales content delivery platforms have been around for a while and yours might be doing a good job, but is it the best tool for you today?  In our latest Tech-Talk we open the dialog about sales content delivery methods and what applicable emerging technologies, interfaces and capabilities exist today.

We happen to have intimate knowledge on this subject because of our product iDetail(™) — a leading enterprise content delivery app designed specifically for the iPad.  As with everything tech we create, we are constantly updating to incorporate new technologies to make our products better and more useful for our customers.

If you are using generic file management tools for uploading and sharing content we can promise you there are more ideal platforms for marketers and brand managers to use to share secure content with members of their field forces.  Seamless automatic secure downloads at lightning fast speeds – that’s what you deserve today. And while you are at it, add  single platform for all marketing materials (presentations, audio, video, PDFs), gesture driven interface, stunning graphics, and real-time analytics… well that’s iDetail, but we don’t want to brag… too much.

Have we at least piqued your interest?  If so, give us a call.  We’d be happy to explore all the latest content delivery tech with you and help to identify the best method to use to meet your sales strategy and goals.

It’s been fun talking tech… Thank you for joining us!

Jeff Bromley
973-644-9012 ext. 11

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Blog Transcript

0:00 Hey everybody Jeff Bromley here from

0:02 Thingee again and welcome back to Tech-

0:04 Talk today in this session we’re going

0:06 to talk about sales content distribution

0:08 well first off you as a marketer or a

0:12 managed care person or somebody in legal

0:15 or training you have to have a way to

0:17 get your materials to the field force we

0:19 need to get those into the reps hands so

0:22 imagine a way we can store that

0:24 information in a compliant fashion that

0:27 gives us the ability to have a

0:28 consistent marketing message and the

0:30 equip the sales force with all the right

0:32 tools and at the end it’s about managing

0:34 compliance what if you had control what

0:36 if you were able to take your marketing

0:38 information that was approved at LMR 2

0:40 o’clock and have it in the fields forces

0:42 hands that evening so that way they were

0:45 equipped for the next day and didn’t

0:46 have to rely on anyone else you didn’t

0:48 have to rely on a coder or an agency you

0:51 were able to do this yourself so there’s

0:54 some generic tools out there you’ve got

0:55 Dropbox.com Google SharePoint

0:59 they’re effective tools in a business

1:02 situation but they’re really not an

1:03 effective tool for the Salesforce to ask

1:06 a rep to go and download something from

1:08 Dropbox or Box.com but there’s also

1:11 specific detailing tools that are meant

1:14 for the field force that are meant to

1:16 get those cut that content and

1:17 information out there we have one it’s

1:19 called I detail regardless of the

1:21 detailing tool that you plan on using or

1:23 are currently using what are some of the

1:25 capabilities that you need to think

1:26 about to make sure that you’re got your

1:28 field force is going to be effective so

1:30 uploading managing and distributing

1:33 content is some of the basics having

1:36 your iPad or your device to

1:37 automatically sync with the cloud and

1:39 download that information without the

1:41 rep having to do anything all I have to

1:42 do is come home and plug it in put it on

1:44 their Wi-Fi that’s it have all those

1:47 assets reside in one location and then

1:50 make it so that way they have such speed

1:52 and efficiency so that way it’s

1:54 organized and these tools work so well

1:57 this is easy do you want to see how easy

2:00 it really is

2:02 contact me and we could set up a test

2:04 drive so you could see for yourself

2:05 how simple it is to distribute content

2:07 to your field force did you like this

2:10 video if so you can do a couple things

2:12 right now to continue our

2:13 technology journey together one like us

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2:22 get more information so I look forward

2:24 to seeing you next time on Tech-Talk

2:25 until then take care.