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There are few technologies that we will discuss during our Tech-Talk video series that excite us as much as Virtual Reality (VR) does.  If VR has you thinking of giant, clunky headsets and Max Headroom-type images then clear your mind and get ready to be amazed.  The equipment has miniaturized but the implications for VR have flourished. The VR of today is portable, accessible and game-changing when it comes to customer “touch” and message delivery.  

In this week’s video we reveal some of the inherent benefits of VR technology for use in reaching customers, patients, internal staff… whoever is in your target market. We also talk a little about the major players and products in this market, namely Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift.

We hope that this Tech-Talk video will excite you for the future implications of VR and provide some use ideas that you may not have yet considered:

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