Thingee’s Tech-Talk Video Series Explores “User Interaction” Shift – Now What’s That?

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Welcome to Thingee’s Tech-Talk video cast! Hopefully you’ve seen Thingee in your social media feeds, sharing the latest trends and emerging technologies with our friends and connections across various industries and interests. Well now we are very excited to share these ideas a little more personally – in Tech-Talk…

This week, we discuss the latest shift in how we interact with our devices as we move from the world of touch, tap & click to talk, ask & listen. “Hey Siri” is only the beginning. Voice automation is here to stay with everything from illuminating a dark room to setting up sales calls and placing orders.  Voice technology has become ubiquitous in our daily lives. It was only 30 years ago we stopped getting up to change the TV dial to any one of 7 or 8 channels and now we speak into a remote control to access hundreds of channels, movies currently playing in theaters and music of every genre… we’ve all adopted this technology into our lives and now we need to get ready for what comes next.

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Jeff Bromley

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Video Transcript

0:01 – hey everybody Jeff Bromley from Thingee

0:02 – here welcome to Tech Talk where we talk

0:03 – about all things digital today in this

0:06 -session we’re going to talk about user

0:08  – interaction model and how that’s

0:09 – changing how that’s going to be changing

0:11 – over the next three to six to twelve to

0:13 – twenty four months and beyond so that

0:15 – user interaction shift it is on it is

0:17 – happening so currently we take our

0:20 – phones and it’s tap touch and click we

0:22 – grab our iPads we drive our tablets and

0:24 – we’re tapping and touching or we’re

0:26 – grabbing a mouse and a pointing device

0:27 – and we’re clicking to find this

0:28  – information well guess what that is

0:30 – going to change

0:31 – tap touch and click is going to go to

0:34 – talk ask and listen it’s changing its

0:37 – changing the way that we’re going to

0:38 – access and again it’s changing the

0:41 – way that we’re going to access our

0:42 – information so one of the things that I

0:45 – want you to do is start to think

0:46 – differently so you guys have to start

0:48 – thinking about how we’re going to design

0:50 – this differently because it’s no longer

0:51 – tap here to do this click here to do

0:53 – that it’s going to be what are the

0:55 – different ways that I have to think

0:57 – about the end user and how they’re going

1:00 – to access and use my information we

1:03 – have to think about the different

1:04 – permutations about how they’re going to

1:05 – use that voice interaction model versus

1:09 – a human touch interaction model so that

1:11 – is going to change so we’ve got to think

1:13 -about that and obviously we have to

1:15 – improve on that and then later on we

1:17 – have to figure out how we’re going to

1:18 – disseminate our information so all of us

1:22 – we need to get prepared this is changing

1:24 – so let’s take a history lesson let’s go

1:26 – back and think about the VCR the VCR

1:28 – changed into the DVD some people grew

1:31 – with it and they said all right well I’m

1:33 – going to get DVDs now some people stayed

1:35 – with a VCR and they no longer had a VCR

1:37 – where they weren’t able to play back

1:38 – their old home movies when you think

1:40 – about photos photos were originally

1:42 – taken on film that film well guess what

1:45 – that changed film is no longer around

1:47 – everything is taking everything is going

1:49 – to digital now we have to think about

1:51 – taking our information from a visual

1:53 – perspective and move it into an auditory

1:55 – perspective it is changing it is

1:57 – absolutely changing and we have to start

1:59 – thinking about that so my takeaway for

2:01 – you guys with this is to get in the game

2:03 – experiments start doing something by an

2:06 – Amazon Alexa by ax a by a Google home or

2:09 – start messing around more with Siri

2:11 – these things are going to change the

2:14 – way we’re doing things so I want you

2:15 – guys to think about it if the wave is

2:17 – coming it’s going to change not sure how

2:20 – to get in the game give us a call we’re

2:22 – here not sure how to start to leverage

2:25 – this and take the next step give us a

2:26 – call let’s brainstorm let’s figure out a

2:28 – solution that’s going to work for you

2:30 – and your information did you like this

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2:45 – for more information look forward

2:47 – to seeing you next time until then

2:49 – Thank you