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We’re beyond excited to tell you about our new Tech-Talk Video Series – these 1 to 2-minute video casts will break through the clutter to bring you the latest advances in digital technology that will not only shape how we work and interact but how we market products and share information.

Technology is moving at such a rapid pace it can be hard to keep up much less know what’s going to “stick” and how it will impact your business. User interaction, virtual reality, augmented reality, format wars – Thingee’s Tech-Talk will help you figure it all out, to learn how to think differently and know how and when to engage these technologies to intrigue your audience before your competitors do.

Our very first Tech-Tech video cast features the latest user engagement tools for our electronic devices.  Traditional “talk-tap & click” is changing to “talk-ask & listen”.  It’s a whole new approach to manipulating your smart devices and it’s here to stay so we better get in front of it.

Join us as we Talk ALL Things Digital  – watch our short intro video, connect with us on Thingee’s social channels or sign-up to receive the Tech-Talk links via email.

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Video Transcription

0:00 Hey everybody this is Jeff from Thingee

0:02 I’m reaching out to you in a little bit

0:04 different format why I want to break

0:06 through the clutter I want to challenge

0:07 all of us to start thinking a little bit

0:10 differently we’ve got a big year of

0:12 innovation that’s coming up and we’ve

0:15 got to start thinking differently about

0:16 this so let me give you a couple

0:17 examples so user interaction that’s

0:19 changing so your tap touch and click is

0:22 going to be changing to talk ask and

0:24 listen, virtual reality is going to make

0:26 us think differently about how we are

0:29 going to market to people and how we’re

0:30 going to educate people there’s going to

0:32 be a huge format wars with new devices

0:34 so you got Alexa Siri Google there’s a

0:39 lot going on out there as far as these

0:41 format wars and in 2017 and 2018 the

0:45 list is going on and on it’s going to be

0:46 a huge year for innovation here at

0:49 Thingee we want to help – we’re coming out

0:52 with a brand new Tech-Talk video series

0:54 that’s going to talk to you about all

0:55 things digital you know we’re going to

0:58 talk to you about some of the common

1:00 challenges we face and we’re also going

1:03 to think about and talk about how to

1:04 adopt new technology and not let get

1:07 left on the sidelines did you like this

1:09 video if you did you can do three things

1:11 right now to help continue our

1:14 technology journey together one first

1:15 subscribe to our YouTube channel to Like

1:18 us on Facebook link is LinkedIn follow

1:20 us on Twitter or go to Thingee.com for

1:23 more information look forward to seeing

1:25 you next time until then

1:36 thank you.