Thingee looks at Apple innovation to help clients

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Apple sent out an email invitation today for an event taking place on September 9th and as usually, we at Thingee will have all eyes on the event.

In 2010, when the first iPad was announced, the Thingee brain trust came to ether to create iDetail – our content delivery system. This time around the latest phone, dubbed the ‘iPhone 6’ will be announced. Along with that, other rumors have started to float around that the iWatch will be also making an appearance at the September event.

We’ve dug into iOS8 and Apple Health. We’ve started putting together the pieces on how the iWatch can help the pharmaceutical industry. Now, we’ll evaluate combining how the phone, watch and app can all work together in harmony to help the patient engagement experience and other areas throughout the industry.

We will bring you moment by moment updates of the September 9th announcement from our twitter page so you can stay up to date on all the latest from Apple and Thingee.

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