New App called ‘Sup’ looks to engage

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Sup is not Yo and it’s not Snapchat. But, it’s a combination of the two.

Sup’s creator, Bart Stein had an idea to integrate these two existing apps all while being innovative. You send a ‘Sup’ message to a friend, and if they accept the push notification, you gain access of their video camera for up to 10 seconds and can even tell them which direction you want them to go in.

This app has fun written all over it but can also be used practically. For example, as Business Insider noted, instead of just reading a story about what is happening in Gaza, why not see and experience it yourself. You can tell the story or live the story, that’s why investors are lining up to become apart of it.

It seems engaging friends or in a business sense, clients is the way to go. We engage sales teams with iDetail. You can engage friends with Sup.

Sup is available for download now and you can even Sup some of the creators of the app, including head Bart Stein!