Thingee Tech Talk Series – Password Protection

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A lot of technological business problems revolve the password. Losing passwords and not remembering passwords are high up on the list of problems for professionals all around the world, but the biggest fear is someone hacking into your business accounts.

Paul Boguslavskiy, one of our programmers at Thingee lists some of the ways to prevent this from occurring.

1. Never have the same password for all your accounts

The problem with having all the same passwords is if a hacker gets into one of your accounts, he can get into all of your accounts. It’s easy for someone to figure that out relatively quickly and a good way for all your accounts to be taken over.

2. Have numbers and symbols

By having numbers and symbols in your password, it is harder for a hacker to guess or find out your password. It takes a longer time to figure out the other variable characters other than letters.

3. Make the password long

The longer the password is, the more processing power it takes to get in to. The number of characters is an exponential curve, meaning the longer the password, the longer it takes to crack.