iDetailTM – Enterprise Content Delivery

Superior Life Sciences detailing platform for the iPad®


Create Fast, Engaging Content with Real-Time Analytics … All at Your Fingertips

iDetail combines the iPad’s stunning visual display and easy-to-use, gesture-driven interface with powerful business analytics and content management system .

Secure, compliant, intuitive…

When calling on an HCP you’ve got precious seconds to share your message or handle an objection… your detail aid needs to respond. Being dependent on Wi-Fi is too risky. iDetail ensures quick seamless access, to your most current content.

Fast loading, solid performing presentation iPad App:

  • All sales details in one place
  • Easy to access, always up to date
  • Effortless, touch based navigation
  • Fast Native iOS App

Automatically recorded real-time metrics:

  • Collect vital statistics during HCP calls
  • Web-based metrics reporting
  • Integrates with open CRM systems
  • Online and offline metrics capture

Hassle-free cloud-based content management:

  • Automatic content syncing
  • Easily manage field force compliance
  • Improve field force confidence
  • Secure SSL connectivity