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CES 2020 The Show, The Oh! And the No-Go | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

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Rob and Jeff share their insights on the very best products and technologies exhibited at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas. They also impart a caution or two about products we may have been sorry we saw, or not! You can decide when you join us for a Tech-Talk.

We’re pretty sure this news wasn’t supposed to stay in Vegas…

The Show

175,000 consumer electronics professionals from all over the world attended CES 2020 last week. With over 4,400 exhibitors we’ve done our best to narrow in on what we think our viewers will be most interested in hearing about so here goes.

The Oh!

Amazon announced that within the last year, it’s Alexa platform has been integrated into 200 million devices. Just take a minute… 200 million devices are Alexa enabled. With that technology available to, well, hundreds of millions of users we are seeing voice-activated functionality hit almost every aspect of our daily lives. 

Kohler Moxie showerhead Bluetooth-enabled for those of us who enjoy music or news during our showers.

Sleep Number Climate 360 Smart Bed won the CES 2020 Best of Innovation Award… and may win hearts as it hits the market in 2021. 

H2-BP wristband blood pressure monitor was another Innovation Award winner for the Wearable Technologies category. 

Next Mind won two CES Innovation Awards —Best of Innovation in Augmented and Virtual Reality and Honoree in Wearable Technologies for their brain-sensing virtual reality technology. 

The No-Go… or maybe Not?

Ok, so the Segway Segway S-Pod might be concerning or it can be incredible depending on where you sit… literally. For folks with ambulatory issues, we love this. Anything that provides freedom and assistance to those struggling, we’re all in. However, for those of us who don’t need it, we lean more towards the idea of get fit, stay fit by walking those short distances. 

That’s our wrap for today, but we’ll keep looking for new and innovative products and services to help you at home and in your business. Meanwhile, be sure to reach out and let us know what you think about these or other ground-breaking tech.

Thanks for watching!

Jeff Bromley

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00:00 Hey everybody welcome back to Tech-Talk

00:01 where we talk about all things tech I’m

00:03 Jeff Bromley and I’m Rob Barra and happy

00:06 new year

00:07 yes Happy New Year we are in 2020 and we

00:10 have all sorts of great stuff that we

00:11 want to talk to you about today from the

00:13 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show it

00:16 is a gigantic show every year first week

00:19 of the year and for whatever reason they

00:22 release all the new stuff that should

00:24 have been on sale during the holiday

00:26 season which I still don’t understand

00:28 but I don’t know why it’s not in July

00:30 maybe if maybe you’ll see you next year

00:31 probably because it’s 900 million

00:33 degrees in Las Vegas in July but that

00:35 might have something to do exactly

00:36 exactly so one of the things that’s near

00:39 and dear to our heart is Amazon and more

00:41 specifically their Alexa platform the

00:43 Alexa platform since last year has more

00:46 than doubled to 200 million devices

00:48 which is a big deal it’s crazy it is a

00:50 million devices in a year sold I mean

00:52 that is just insane yeah and they’re

00:54 trying to integrate or not trying

00:56 they’re going to be integrating Alexa

00:57 into everything from the gas pump to

01:00 Lamborghinis are going to have them in

01:02 there to help you change the heat I saw

01:04 a new shower head that’s gonna have an

01:07 Alexa speaker showerhead yeah as a

01:09 shower head so I think it’s Kohler’s

01:11 making its shower head that uses

01:14 magnets to mount inside of the shower

01:17 it’s pretty cool hmm that was one thing

01:19 I saw that I thought was interesting I

01:21 also want to thank the folks at Segway

01:23 for bringing us a little bit closer to

01:25 the dystopian future that was foreseen

01:28 by the Pixar movie Wall-e

01:30 they released a terrifying hover seat

01:35 much like the one in that movie if you

01:38 haven’t seen it you should if you

01:41 haven’t seen the Segway thing yeah

01:44 anyway no just just put your Apple watch

01:47 on and go on the mall and walk just move

01:50 yeah please everybody’s help the main

01:53 product that everybody was pitching this

01:55 year at CES were 8k televisions I find a

01:58 lot of humor in that is there’s very

01:59 little 4k content even out right now I

02:02 think the national championship game for

02:05 the NC double-a of football was

02:07 broadcast in in 4k if you had like New

02:11 Jersey 3

02:12 different shades like DirecTV or

02:15 something like oh yeah but satellite

02:16 satellite did it but other than that I

02:18 mean if unless you’re streaming 4k

02:20 content is is very very hard to come by

02:23 might be the resurgence of how satellite

02:25 comes to start winning it you know

02:27 they’re they’re done screaming it’s all

02:28 gonna be streaming yeah

02:29 we’re not going to talk about 8k

02:31 televisions or anything else like so in

02:34 many more detail what we want to talk to

02:36 you about today we’re some really neat

02:37 devices that one Innovation Awards from

02:40 CES that we think will make a difference

02:42 in your life or in your business or in

02:44 our lives because you know they’re

02:47 important first thing I want to talk

02:48 about is Sleep Number Sleep Number

02:50 released a smart bed which does all

02:53 sorts of really neat things its app

02:55 controlled it heats your toes so that

02:57 you can fall asleep you’re telling me I

03:00 get into my bed and the bottom will be

03:01 right so apparently the Sleep Number

03:03 people have looked at things and they

03:06 know that if you have warm toasty feet

03:09 that helps you fall so so I don’t have

03:11 to have my wife putting her clothes feet

03:13 on the back of my calf anymore nope she

03:15 will be able to heat up her own feet and

03:17 then if you turn into big sweat ball

03:20 like other people I know when you’re

03:22 sleeping

03:23 it will also cool the bed oh and the

03:25 feature that I think is probably the

03:26 most compelling and that will probably

03:28 wind up with one of these beds in my

03:30 house there’s an anti-snore feature so

03:33 if first thing that you’re sleeping you

03:34 know it gently now you have to open the

03:37 app which is kind of silly because you

03:39 know hey it’s two o’clock in the morning

03:41 let you on my phone and then you know

03:42 but there’s a there’s a there’s a snore

03:46 mode which will gently elevate the head

03:48 of the person just keep snoring no no so

03:53 that opens up their airway a little bit

03:55 if your spouse sleeps with the ear plugs

03:58 on or other manner of anti-snoring

04:00 devices like some people I know this

04:03 might be of interest to you interesting

04:05 interesting you know the next thing that

04:06 we thought was super cool was they’re

04:09 coming out with lots of wearables but

04:11 now they’re actually gonna have a blood

04:12 pressure wearable that’s actually gonna

04:14 be able to monitor you because high

04:15  blood pressure is just goes on a wrist

04:17 just goes on your it’s on your wrist

04:19 just on your wrist you put it on it

04:21 takes your blood pressure and then you

04:23 can take it off you don’t have to leave

04:24 it on all day long

04:25 we’ll replace all of these giant cuffs

04:28 that people are doing it’ll make it much

04:30 easier for you to help keep an eye on

04:34 your blood pressure if that’s something

04:35 that you need to do is it is it

04:37 connected like it’s connected it is

04:39 connected to two smart devices

04:42 you know phones and and such I’m not

04:45 sure I was looking I’m not sure if it’s

04:46 FDA approved yet

04:48 you can buy it and have it sent it’s

04:51 made by a Korean company but you can buy

04:52 it and have it sent to the United States

04:54 that’s pretty why and it’s really not

04:55 that expensive or not it’s only a couple

04:57 hundred dollars so this this has an

04:59 opportunity to really revolutionize you

05:02 know mobile blood pressure for things

05:04 for people screening rather than having

05:07 that big giant that is kind of yeah my

05:09 mom’s got one she writes the whole thing

05:10 herself which is exactly completely

05:12 convoluted ya know and again if you know

05:15 who it’s the connectivity that’s

05:16 possible you could link it up with your

05:18 caretakers your doctor etc yes that’s

05:22 Wow so the next thing we want to talk

05:24 about is a really neat device from a

05:26 company called next mind they are

05:28 developing a brain sensing VR controller

05:31 brain sensing so it’s a device you put

05:35 on your head and apparently somehow so

05:39 is it like a lot of electrodes

05:40 no it just looked like a little sort of

05:43 so there’s a dome hat thing okay

05:45 that’s neat there’s a little thing in

05:46 the back I don’t know I’m not sure

05:47 exactly how it works and they didn’t

05:49 really go into too many details but

05:51 apparently it can determine what you’re

05:54 looking at inside of the virtual reality

05:57 environment and it can take action based

05:59 on what those you know those brainwaves

06:02 are saying alright so you’ve got the VR

06:04 goggles on the other things on your

06:06 hands on your head yep and now it’s

06:09 knowing what it knows what you’re

06:11 looking at oh it’s knows what I’m

06:12 looking at what you’re looking at and

06:13 and maybe can detect other things I

06:17 don’t know I mean it looks like really

06:18 interesting technology I’m very excited

06:20 about what is gonna be possible in the

06:22 future with technology like this imagine

06:24 like playing a VR video game and it

06:29 knows that you’re scared and it makes

06:32 the game either more scary or less scary

06:35 based on what it’s detecting about your

06:37 brainwaves

06:39 I’ll just be wild I don’t want

06:41 developers to know what I’m thinking and

06:43 if I’m scared yeah but if they’re making

06:46 a scary game when you want them to know

06:48 yeah so anyway we’re gonna put all the

06:51 links for all of these things that we’ve

06:52 talked about today down below whether

06:54 you’re on Facebook or LinkedIn or

06:56 wherever you’ll be able to find all this

06:58 stuff that we’ve been talking about but

07:00 that’s it for today’s edition of tech

07:02 talk the first one for the new decade

07:05 welcome to 2020 I’m not Barbara Walters

07:08 anyway for Jeff Bromley I’m Rob Barra

07:12 thank you for your time and don’t forget

07:14 to subscribe or like or what have you

07:16 and thank you.