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Picture this…  your presentation,  seamlessly preloaded onto your iPad and up to 7 guest iPads using iDetail’s award winning content delivery platform. Guests arrive and each receives their own iPad to connect with you throughout the presentation using easy-to-navigate gesture driven controls.  Content is focused but the quality of the conversation and impact of your message is personal and intimate creating a more substantial and lasting impression.

RoundTable, is an iPad-based presentation tool developed by Thingee specifically for life sciences speaker programs to facilitate open and engaging dialog and discussion. Let’s hear what Rob Barra, one of RoundTable’s creators, has to say about this field force detailing platform in our latest Tech-Talk:

Sure, presenting new material is important, and in the healthcare field, it can be downright life-saving, but speaking WITH targeted professionals is so much more effective than talking at them, don’t you agree?  And while we are at it, let’s remove the stress of complicated equipment setup, the search for convenient outlets, and oh the inevitable poor internet connection!  RoundTable takes all of that complicated mess… well, off the table, so that you can concentrate on your guests and your focused message.

Built on the iDetail app platform, RoundTable provides all the benefits of secure, fast, engaging material that you would normally exhibit to a single individual and expands it to a small group setting with no additional backend or content development.  iDetail remains a successful sales force platform for one-on-one discussions but being able to expand that capability to a larger group just makes sense. RoundTable offers the same instant content updates, compliance safeguards, real-time analytics and eye-catching graphics of iDetail just for a group setting.  The RoundTable  iPads are preloaded, charged and ready for use when needed just as your detailing iPad device would be when you are on a sales call.

If you are currently “presenting” to customers, call us, and let’s get to work on simplifying your message delivery process while wowing your audience at the same time.  Thanks for watching!

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Blog Video Transcript

0:00 Hey everybody Rob Barra here welcome

0:02 to Tech-Talk where we talk about all

0:03 things digital in this session my topic

0:07 is going to be on our product RoundTable

0:10 so why is RoundTable useful for

0:12 presentations well first of all

0:13 RoundTable is an offshoot of our iDetail

0:15 product which is a great content

0:17 management system for all sales teams

0:19 they’re trying to distribute content on

0:22 the iPad there’s not a great native

0:23 solution for it sending people PDFs

0:26 doesn’t work so what we try to do is

0:28 RoundTable was kind of extend that idea

0:30 to a smaller group now normally when

0:33 you’re in having a presentation with a

0:35 small group of people you have a speaker

0:37 up in front they’re standing in front of

0:39 the screen the projector is going that’s

0:41 generating a lot of noise and heat

0:42 people in the back can’t hear so what

0:45 we’ve attempted to do with roundtable is

0:47 is take that dynamic and bring it back

0:49 down and put everybody that is part

0:53 of the presentation actually as part of

0:56 the presentation so each presenter has a

0:59 set of iPads each person that is

1:01 participating in the meeting has their

1:03 own iPad and the presenter can control

1:06 which slide people are looking at and

1:09 the individuals that are actually

1:11participating can also sit in there and

1:14 control it if you want to let them so

1:16 why does this matter well I mean a lot

1:20 of times when you have those types of

1:21 meetings there’s a lot of a disconnect

1:23 between the presenter the presenters is

1:25 up there especially when you’re dealing

1:26 with knowledge experts and doctors you

1:30 definitely have a situation where

1:31 sometimes maybe what the doctor is

1:33 saying in the presentation one of the

1:35 other attendees and one of the other

1:36 physicians in the room will disagree

1:38 with them this type of a setup leads to

1:42 much more engaging presentations makes

1:44 it a lot more democratized in terms of

1:47 how people feel engaged and feel

1:49 involved and allows you to really

1:52 have a much better presentation

1:54 experience on the whole so from a

1:57 compliance point of view one of the

1:58 great things about roundtable is that

2:00 you actually know because you’ve used

2:02 the I detailed platform to sync any new

2:06 updates to contents you always know that

2:07 your presenter is always using the

2:09 latest version of the presentation which

2:11 is you know

2:12 fantastic thing and if you need to learn

2:13 more about content management and how I

2:15 detail works take a look at Jeff’s

2:17 previous Tech-Talk and you can get fully

2:20 informed on that or if you have any

2:21 questions about it just give us a call

2:23 at 877 thingy and we can talk to you

2:26 about it so the key takeaways you want a

2:29 more engaging presentation whether it’s

2:31 a pitch meeting whether it’s a board

2:33 meeting whether it’s a dinner meeting

2:34 with a group of people that you’re

2:35 trying to influence roundtable is really

2:38 the right way to take that presentation

2:41 and reconnect your presenter with the

2:44 rest of the people that you’re trying to

2:46 engage you don’t need a simple you don’t

2:48 need an internet connection you just

2:49 need an iPad with the Roundtable

2:51 application and if you don’t have those

2:53 we can certainly help you help you help

2:56 provide them for you the main thing to

3:00 know though is that this is easy you

3:02 want to see how easy roundtable is just

3:04 give us a call and we can help you out

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3:22 lots of stuff coming out these days new

3:24 Apple equipment all sorts of good

3:26  technology to talk about these days so

3:28 thank you again this has been tech talk

3:30 I’m Rob Barra for Thingee… have a good day

3:41 Thank you.