Thingee iDetail™ Platform for iPad Now Available in the Apple Inc., App Store

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Thingee iDetail™ Platform for iPad Now Available in the
Apple Inc., App Store


Enterprise content delivery platform is necessary component of  Life Science companies’ field force digital asset-delivery efforts

PARSIPPANY, NJ (September 16, 2015) – Thingee Corporation, a software development company for the Life Sciences industry, is pleased to announce that its iDetail enterprise content delivery and sales enablement platform is now available in the App Store, at https://appsto.re/us/aZqG8.i. Now Life Science companies have the ability to experience a demo version of the iDetail platform that, since 2010, has helped field forces better engage health care providers using the best modern digital communications tools.

iDetail is a unique, real-time, cloud-based platform with the ability to organize sales and marketing content including presentations, podcasts, videos, PDFs, and other collateral. iDetail gives scientific communications, medical affairs, and brand teams the ability to:

 – Deliver content from the iDetail cloud servers to the field force’s iPads
 – Lock down content to prevent unauthorized editing
 – Assign expiration dates to individual assets
 – Segregate and deliver specific assets to individual representatives or forces in a given territory
 – Manage individual and group permissions of media assets
 – Perform compliance management and reporting

iDetail is the first enterprise product available in the App Store from Thingee and the latest iteration of what began as a presentation platform for the initial release of the iPad in 2010.

“We specifically built iDetail exclusively for the iPad. We knew early on that by focusing our efforts on the most popular detailing tool, we wouldn’t have to limit the features and functionalities in order to run the platform on every tablet or device out there,” explained Jeff Bromley, Thingee Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Apple gives us all these beautiful tools to use that work so well, so we’re able to use the native codebase to ensure superior iDetail performance on the iPad.”

Among the enhanced iDetail features that users can demo is simplified navigation with Dynamic Files and Folders, where administrators can assign files to multiple folders so users can quickly find the information they need.

On the backend, the iDetail Platform is a component of a company’s closed-loop marketing (CLM) efforts with:

 – Real-time metrics that track all of the vital statistics on a specific detail delivered, including the slides/content reviewed, detail duration, representative, and location. Companies can overlay this information for Big Data initiatives to identify trends and draw conclusions.
Data integration with corporate servers and applications that trigger actionable outcomes and close the loop. iDetail provides data feeds to various network systems, including customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and data warehouses.

iDetail is designed to address the legal and regulatory issues of the Life Science industry. For more information, contact Jeff Bromley at info@thingee.com or 973-644-9012, extension 11.

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Thingee Corporation designs and develops software solutions that help life sciences companies educate their customers about the latest products and technologies that provide the most effective treatments and outcomes. This team of experts has a proven history of delivering and integrating superior presentation platforms, cloud-based content management solutions, custom enterprise iPad and iPhone applications, web application development services, and digital media support services. Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, Thingee is committed to technology innovation, product excellence and delivering a competitive advantage to our clients. For more information, visit www.thingee.com.