How iDetail can help you: Part of the “Build your brand, not your app” series

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You have a sales force. They use paper presentations, or a laptop or use a presentation platform. You want to change because these items aren’t working. What do you do?

Switch, and switch fast.

Our content delivery platform is king in this arena. Welcome to iDetail.

The content that is being provided in iDetail is different than other platforms. This is because iDetail can use different types of content, not solely slides, and add something new to the digital content experience. Do you want a podcast the salesforce can listen to in the car on the way to their next meeting? Do you want slides that are faster to scroll through? Do you want video? Do you want animation? This content is generated from the life science’s advertising agency and those assets are transferred over to us. Once everything is converted into the app, you have your beautiful presentations right at the touch of your fingers.

Engaging Incentive is a big part of why iDetail works. Because doctors have the ability to interact with the tablet, learning about a drug is a new and interactive experience. The incentive to engage in meaningful conversations is heightened greatly because of what the presentation offers in terms of design and usability.  In 2010, our flagship client became the first users of iDetail. Every year since then, the iDetail platform helped them achieve their annual sales goals, and a reason why they renew their licensing every year.

Execution. You leave that up to us. We work with IT, Med/Legal, Marketing, Ad agencies to make sure the process runs smoothly and efficiently. The end product is nothing short of brilliant and the sales and MSL teams are ready to go.

To execute, having the various types of content, engaging in meaningful conversation and letting us execute and are the key ingredients to your success-oriented goals and helping you build a better brand.

To find out more information on iDetail, go to http://www.idetailapp.com or call 973-644-9012.