Thingee Tech Talk Series – 4 questions your business needs to ask

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We hear a lot from companies every day who are buying new technology. The trick is, the smart ones are asking all the questions before getting it. Here are 4 questions you should always be asking before buying any type of new technology.

1.    Will it fit a need?

Is this technology that the company truly needs? If you can find logic in how the technology is of value to the company, a department or an individual, then getting the technology is a must.

2.    ROI?

There are many ways to calculate this metric. Before sitting down and doing the math, see if having the technology’s value (including price and time learning how to use it) is worth it to your company’s overall objectives.

3.    Any training needed?

The technology you’re buying is most likely new to you and your company, or something you haven’t used before. It may take 15 minutes or it may take 6 months to fully understand how to use it properly. Be sure to find out if you or your department will need to be trained on the technology and how it will benefit the team as a whole.

4.    Integrate with existing technology?

Whether you’re using a wearable device or using new software, you need to see how your existing technology can come in to play with your new technology.