Hunan Taste

Clifton, NJ

Denville, NJ

Parsippany, NJ

Hunan Taste, Denville.
April 13, 1999.

A starry Tuesday night.

The 21st century just around the corner. Seven people around a giant Lazy Susan in the back room of a Chinese restaurant became seven partners. We made our first thingee – Thingee. And as it’s grown, we’ve moved around.

Since then, digital advances keep driving the world faster. Our methods have changed to keep pace with the times, but our philosophy stays the same – deliver the best, eye-catching, jaw-dropping digital media with the latest technologies. Work hard and keep things on time and on budget. Don’t just stay ahead of the curve – get out in front and ride it. Do the unexpected. Dedicate ourselves to delighting you.


Oh, and yesofcourse… have fun in the process.