Thingee’s Tech-Talk – Equipping Your Sales Team for Success with iDetail

Do you distribute large amounts of content to remote groups or sales teams? Well imagine the convenience and efficiency of delivering ALL of your latest materials instantly, up-to-date, accurate and secure, directly to your team’s’ iPads. Stop dreaming… we’re tech-talking the latest and greatest tech tool for delivering large amounts of digital content to remote […]

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Thingee’s Tech-Talk – How the iPad Transformed Speaker Programs… with RoundTable

Picture this…  your presentation,  seamlessly preloaded onto your iPad and up to 7 guest iPads using iDetail’s award winning content delivery platform. Guests arrive and each receives their own iPad to connect with you throughout the presentation using easy-to-navigate gesture driven controls.  Content is focused but the quality of the conversation and impact of your […]

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Thingee’s Tech-Talk – Keeping It Real in the World of Virtual Reality

Do you still consider virtual reality something for serious gamers or the uber-wealthy? Well Tech-Talk is here this week to turn “VR” into “R” for you and your business.  Just watch: Real life VR applications, real people helped and real-time benefits for your business. As Rich Verde explains, his responsibility to ensure proper application and […]

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