Back-to-School Safety SOS | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

Tech is now as commonplace as sneakers and backpacks when it comes to back-to-school preparation… but how about a tech feature that won’t cost you a dime if you’re an Apple iOS customer and may actually save your life?  Medical ID and Emergency SOS are Apple Health features that are already built into your iPhone, […]

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Apple Unleashes the Possible at WWDC 2019 | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

#Excited #Psyched #Cool… is the reaction from developers like our Thingee team regarding Apple’s big announcements at WWDC 2019. Why? What bearing does a developers conference have on normal folks 😉 you may wonder? Well wonder no more! Tech-Talk makes the connections from cool new tech to exciting new business opportunities. So, tune in! WWDC […]

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Cue Button Goes Virtual | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

Cue has gone virtual! Now, all the great Cue button features are also available in an easy to use virtual app. Thingee’s Cue is a programmable tool that instantly triggers an action, like connecting clients to a sales rep, ordering products and services, or requesting materials. Cue eliminates the need to search for contact info, […]

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Thingee Turns 20… Celebrate with Us! | Thingee’s Tech-Talk

It’s not every day that a company celebrates 20 years in business. As a matter of fact, it takes 7,300 days for that to happen, and so we are here today to share our success with our valued friends and customers. We’re 20 and we’re proud, humbled and especially excited to celebrate this milestone. Check […]

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